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Why are chest freezers and upright freezers getting more popular in homes?

Posted on September 07 2017

Why are chest freezers and upright freezers getting more popular in homes?



These days, with people working long hours, going to the market to stock up on food becomes a once a week or even fortnightly affair. People will freeze the meats and frozen food, which can be kept frozen for months. The problem is that the freezer compartment for regular refrigerators are not big enough. Hence, the need for a stand alone chest freezers.


Conventionally, one would see chest freezers at the supermarket or minimart. However, retailers have been noticing a spike in sales of chest freezers to people’s homes. Because of this trend of consumers purchasing chest freezers, manufacturers have started to offer a range of smaller chest freezers (<1m in length), as compared to commercial use which will often be for sizes larger than 1m in length, up to 2.5m.The smallest chest freezer that is very popular in HDB dwellers is the 70L chest freezer from Farfalla which is only 41cm in length. This works perfectly to fit in homes that are now smaller and efficient use of space is key.


Another new customer base that has also increased in recent years are from new mothers. With the increased awareness of the benefits of breastfeeding, many mothers get a stand alone freezer to store their breast milk.



Many even keep these freezers in their bedroom for the convenience. Besides not having sufficient space in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator to keep the milk, the main reason why mothers choose to purchase a freezer separately is hygiene. Even though the milk is kept in bags and there is a low chance of contamination, the thought of storing the meats and milk for your baby just doesn’t bear down well for many. We have noticed that while the 70L and the 108L chest freezers are popular with new mothers, many prefer instead to get the 71L and the 120L upright freezer because of the drawer compartment. This allows them to sort their breastmilk according to the dates.


We believe that the demand for stand alone chest freezers and upright freezers will continue to be on the uptrend with houses getting smaller, people going to market less frequently and more mothers breastfeeding their babies.
Home Space carries a large range of chest freezers and upright freezers that is suitable for use in homes as well as for commercial use. If you are shopping for a chest freezer, take a look at what we have in our range here.





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