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8 reasons why more people are buying furniture online in Singapore

Posted on May 08 2018

8 reasons why more people are buying furniture online in Singapore


There are many reasons why more Singaporeans and other people around the world will prefer to buy furniture online rather than going to the furniture store personally to view the selection of furniture available. Potential buyers can see, touch, feel the product and test the comfort of beds and sofas. Many say seeing the product also helps them to decide if the design is suitable for their home.

For online shopping, many people have doubts at the beginning on whether they can trust these companies that sells furniture online. This is especially so from online stores that sell and deliver their product from overseas. But thanks to the popularity of E-commerce, there are more and more online companies in Singapore that offer quality furniture with a lower price for the same brand and design to their valued customers as compared to the furniture stores.

Here are 8 Reasons why you should consider getting your furniture from an online shop in Singapore:


#1 – You can shop and make the purchase at home

Just imagine the comfort of lying in the sofa or bed at home and simply browsing through the furniture website to make your selection to buy the furniture instead of spending time and money for transportation to visit the furniture store.


#2 – It’s easy to compare the price across other online stores

It is much easier and more convenient to compare the price across the various online stores on the internet rather than spending the time to go to different stores physically.


#3 – You can look for the best deals and bargains online

Similar to the above, scouring online can get you the best deal to buy the furniture as many online stores competed with each other and offer attractive deals to promote their brand and get more sales.


#4 – You can shop any time of the day, wherever you are

This is a great advantage for people who are always busy with their work or personal life and have no time to visit the furniture store to make the purchase.


#5 – You will have more choices

Needless to say, you will have more choices to buy the furniture of your choice when you shop online.


#6 – Benefits of lower prices

Online stores will usually offer their customers lower prices as compare to the physical stores as they have less cost to maintain the products in their warehouse and some of the online stores act as the intermediary and liaise with the furniture store to sell their products.


#7 – You can read reviews online from previous customers

Thanks to social media, people are more willing to post their feedbacks online to share their thoughts and you can benefit greatly from their shopping experience to decide if you want to purchase the product from this particular online store. Many sites also publish reviews from their customers on their own sites.


#8 – You won’t need to endure crowds of people

This is probably the main reason for many to shop online.





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