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The Different Type Of Sofas Available

Posted on December 13 2017

The Different Type Of Sofas Available


When it comes to buying a comfortable sofa set for your home, there are many things that you may consider before you decide to purchase one.

These are the likely things that you will be considering; material, country sofa is manufactured in, size and cost.

The style and features of the sofas will also be key for you to determine if the sofa is suitable in your living room or study room. Other considerations are the upholstery covering the frames and cushions of the sofa. You may need to research online to understand the pro and cons of various materials before making that purchase.

For your convenience, I have done some research and have here, a list of the sofa types that are popular.


Traditional Sofas

This is a very common type, which can sit up to three people. The design can range from formal to contemporary style. While it’s a good choice to place it in the living room, traditional sofas do not have the additional feature of a pull out bed.


Contemporary Sofas

Also known as modern sofas, it offers a variety of designs and styles which is usually more expensive than other types of sofas due to workmanship and the quality of the material. Contemporary sofas usually blend well with a house that has a modern design.


Sofa Bed

This is very popular for people that have limited space in the house. It can also sit up to three people and you can use it as a bed as well if you have friends or relatives who wish to stay overnight in your house.


Sectional Sofas

It’s quite different from other sofas as you can take the sofa apart and place it in different areas of your home. This is very convenient if you are having a party at home as you can rearrange the sofas for the event. Two common designs which I’ve seen so far are the “L” and “U” shape sofa.


Wooden or Metal frame Sofas

Unlike other sofa designs, you can see the wooden or metal framework. One advantage of this type of sofa is that you can change the upholstery of the cushion easily and is much easier to maintain than other sofas.

Regardless of what kind of sofa you are buying, you will need to know how to protect the sofa from external damage such as wear and tear and also how to clean the sofa from food or liquid stains.

Other than the price factor, choose a design and style that blends well with you home and furniture.




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