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5 Reasons Why More People Are Buying Their Furniture Online

Posted on August 01 2018

5 Reasons Why More People Are Buying Their Furniture Online



People shop for furniture when they are moving to a new place, redecorating their place, for important festivals like Hari Raya or Chinese New Year or perhaps just to replace old furniture. Whatever the reason, the norm has always been to visit a furniture shop to find what they are looking for.

These days, more people are buying their furniture online instead. Here are some reasons why online purchase of furniture has caught up with purchasing at a physical store.


#1 – Time

There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in a day! For many of us who spend an entire day at work, you are likely left with only an hour or so after work to get to the shops before they close for the day. Besides, all we want to do at the end of the day, is to relax or chill at home.

As for the weekends, with it being family time, sometimes getting to the stores may be a challenge as well.

Hence, browsing online at one’s convenience seem to be the best option for many people who otherwise will not be able to find the time to get to the stores.


#2 – Convenience

For those seeking good deals, you will realise that many warehouse sales are located near Woodlands, Ubi, Tampines and it may be quite a distance for some of us to chalk to get the warehouse. And if you don’t have the luxury of a car, more often than not, these warehouses are not near an MRT station.

Some browsing online will have you realise that many furniture shops offer the same warehouse deals on their website as well, saving you the time and not to mention, added convenience to purchase that same item without the trouble of travelling.


#3 – Price

The reason why online shopping has taken off these past 3 years, is no secret. PRICE! With less overheads, without a physcial store, employing many staff to man the store, online shops are able to offer very competitive prices to their customers. And who doesn’t want to save some moolah when they can?


#4 – Variety

With rental costs at sky high levels, many shops do not have the luxury of space to display a large variety of furniture. Sometimes, there just isnt enough choices for you to select from. If you have the time, you could comb the entire furniture mall to find the pieces that fit well with your theme or décor.


Again, with online shops, they are able to stock a much larger range and variety at their warehouses. Most furniture are in boxes and only installed before delivery. This allows them to maximise their warehouse space. Hence, you will see that many online shops have a very large variety offered on their websites.


#5 – Reviews

Reviews are one of the best ways to find out about a product before buying them. Many online shops offer a voucher or a reward for their customers to leave a review after purchasing their product. These reviews are from genuine customers who have tested the products, which can be very helpful and useful for us online shoppers.


Do consider shopping online the next time you are looking to get some furniture. Take a look at where you can find furniture for the various “spaces” in your home ; sleep space, living space, dining space and study space.





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