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Beko 12Kg Washer with Aquawave™ Technology (WMY 1214441) – 5 ✓ ✓ ✓✓ ✓

$1,198.00 $1,588.00



Warranty: 3 years parts, 2 years service, 12 Years Motor Warranty

Dimension: W 60 x D 67 x H 84 cm



Beko 12Kg Washer with Aquawave™ Technology (WMY 1214441) – 5 ✓ ✓ ✓✓ ✓




Xpress Super Short (‘14)          

The Xpress Super Short 14-minute cycle* on your Beko washing machine makes sure you won’t have to wait long to finish washing your outfit. *For 2kg of lightly soiled garments.



With Beko AquaWave® technology, aided by a set of paddles and a specially designed drum pattern, a wave-like motion is created to gently move your laundry inside the machine, giving garments more exposure and increasing drying performance. You’ll save on energy too.



The Beko washing machines carry the WoolMark® Handwash Safe Care certificate for their wool program, so can look after all your woollens with the respect they deserve. Powered by ProSmart™ Inverter technology, Beko washing machines also carry WoolMark® Apparel care certification, and will wash even your most delicate hand-wash woollens with ultimate care. Let that poor sweater be the last one you give away.


Beko’s AutoProgram and smart sensors will automatically work out what type of fabric you’ve put in, how many garments there are and choose the right washing program for you. Cottons, synthetics, blended - all done. Washing your clothes really can be that easy.



OptiSense® technology in your Beko washing machine optimises the washing cycle, so you don’t need to guess how long your clothes will take to clean. 3 smart sensors automatically monitor your laundry, selecting the right program and washing time. An extra smart sensor looks after your machine by detecting voltage surges. This cuts off the power if there’s any trouble, helping the machine last longer. Just grab your clothes and go!


Pet Hair Removal Function          

The Pet Hair Removal Function on your Beko washing machine can take care of pet hair on your bedding, trousers, meeting outfit etc. It has a pre-wash cycle, a special extra rinsing program and improved spinning cycles to help get rid of all the stubborn pet hair on your laundry. 



Volumaxx™ means you get more space in your bathroom, thanks to a slimmer machine with an expanded drum. It’s 10% smaller but doesn’t compromise on the machine’s capacity. It’s available on machines with capacities of 8kg and over, so there’s still plenty of room for all those socks and shirts. It uses less energy overall too – 10% more, or less (oh, you know what we mean). Either way it’s a world-first. *Compared with standard-size 8-11 kg Beko washing machines



If you feel like there’s never enough time in the day, then you’ll love the SteamTherapy™ technology in Beko washing machines, which can reduce wrinkles in your laundry by up to 58%* decreasing ironing time by up to 28%*. It helps decrease odours too. Now you don’t have to waste time ironing in the morning - use it to grab a coffee instead.* Tested by 3rd party laboratories





    Woolmark Woolmark apparel Care (Silver)
    Water Inlet Single (cold)
    Remain Time Display Yes
    Product Color Manhattan Gray
    Ball system Yes
    Drum Pattern AquaWave
    Side Wall Type S shape
    Electronic Type Big LCD
    Time Delay 0-24h
    Unbalanced Load Control Yes
    Durable Heater Yes
    Emergency Water Drain Hose Yes
    Capacity (kg) 10
    Child Lock Yes
    Over Flow Safety Yes
    Automatic Water Adjustment System Yes
    Maximum Spin Speed (rpm) 1400
    Number of Programs 16
    Program-1 Cottons
    Program-2 Cottons Eco
    Program-3 Synthetics
    Program-4 Mini/Mini14′
    Program-5 DarkWash/Jeans
    Program-6 Wool/HandWash
    Program-7 Delicates
    Program-8 Spin+Drain
    Program-9 Rinse
    Program-10 Duvet/DownWear
    Program-11 Outdoor/Sports (Goretex)
    Program-12 Shirts
    Program-13 Stain
    Program-14 Hygiene+
    Program-15 CoolClean
    Program-16 Auto Program
    Auxillary Function -1 Pet Hair Removal
    Auxillary Function -2 Fast+
    Auxillary Function -3 Powder Detergent
    Auxillary Function -4 Silent Mode
    Automatic Dosing System Yes
    Front Door Color Piano Black
    Program Knob Ring Color Chrome
    Electronic Control Yes
    Extended motor / Compressor Warranty 12 Years
    Program Follower Yes
    Variable Spin Selection Yes
    Front Door Decorative Part Color Piano Black
    Drum Volume 65
    Drum Material Stainless Steel
    Cabinet Depth (cm) 64.0 cm
    Cabinet Width (cm) 60.0 cm
    Cabinet Height (cm) 84.0 cm
    Cabinet Weight (kg) 76.0 kg