The Dreampebble GreenFeel Posturecare Spring Mattress remains a popular choice for kids’ mattresses with the combination Mother Nature’s natural bamboo fabric covering and 100% natural latex comfort layer.

With the in-house PostureCare Bonnel spring system support, rest assured that your child is getting the optimum support for their growing spine.

Say ‘NO’ to dustmites and fungus without the harsh and harmful chemicals that is typically present in mattresses that are anti-dustmite or anti-fungal.

Features :

  • Natural bamboo yarn Damask knitted fabric covering
  • 100% natural latex as comfort layer
  • In house PostureCare Bonnel spring support system
  • Durable hi-density foam with side vents to enhance ventilation
  • Anti dustmite
  • Anti fungal
  • Ideal for Bunk Bed
  • Medium Firm Density
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty





Additional information


Single (6 inches), Super Single(6 inches) + $100


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