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Why Get A SofaBed?

Posted on October 31 2017

Why Get A SofaBed?

If your home has space limitations, good space planning is very important. Its best to keep to the minimal and space-saving ones to keep the home feeling spacious and open.

For this reason, sofa beds are gaining in popularity as the choice in the living room or the guest room. Being able to open your sofa to a bed and lie in bed watching movies in the living room on the weekend is a tempting choice for many people who just want to relax after a long week at work.

Also, for many people who do not have the luxury of space to keep a room for guests or even if they do, but want to minimize the use of space when they do not have guests, the sofa bed is the perfect option.

Usually, sofabeds when opened up to a bed, is the same size as a standard mattress. When open, they will be a standard Single size, Super Single size or Queen size mattress and regular mattress sheets would fit.

Because of this space saving requirement as well as it being the same size as standard mattresses, we are finding that more people are also getting sofabeds for their children or helpers. This is really a sensible choice to keep the house from feeling cluttered, especially if space is a constraint.

There are many types of sofabed options in the market but from our experience with our customers at Sleep Space, we have found that many customers just want something that is economical, easy to fold and unfold, have washable cover and provide good support. It is no surprise then that the most popular sofabed we have in our store is the Viro Fabric Sofabed which fulfills all these requirements.



With 6 designs to choose from, orthopedic foam support and an unbeatable price tag, anyone who is looking to get a basic sofabed should consider this as one of the options.

As one of the leading retailers of the Viro Fabric Sofabed in Singapore, do get in touch with us if you have any questions regarding this sofabed. We have existing stock of the single size in all designs and if you are hoping to get either a super single or queen size sofabed, we would be able to deliver this your house within 10 days.

If you have a bigger budget and want a sofa bed with a sturdier support, you can always consider sofa beds with a metal frame support. They make for great living room pieces and the options that we have chosen to stock at Sleep Space, also liven up the living room with the fabric designs and colors.

Check out all the Sofa Bed options we have at Sleep Space.





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